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Assurance Seals

For a customer to buy from your site they need to feel that their card details are safe, and that they will get their goods. You need to prove to them that you are reputable. Obtaining an assurance seal is an excellent way to gain customer confidence. There are a variety of seals available, each at a different price. Many charge a annual subscription so check the terms before you signup. You will also need to comply to their standards, and be able to provide proof. If you are unsure, then the best bet is to give them a call. The benefits of having an assurance seal is paramount. It shows that your site is reputable and trust-worthy. As there are so many con-artists out there on the web, customers are sometimes nervous to purchase online. With an assurance seal, you are showing to all potential customers that you are a genuine company. This results in customer confidence in your company and therefore better conversions.

Free assurance seals

We only managed to find one assurance seal that didn't have a price, although you do need to be running an affiliate program to get listed (not exactly free). Visit ATrustedMerchant for more details.

US and International seals

There are many assurance seals for the US, a lot of these accepting international businesses. The main ones being:-

We recommend TrustLogo to value and ease of use. Visitors only need to put their mouse over the TrustLogo to see verification of your sites credentials. No need for them to leave your site. You can purchase a TrustLogo from us at a discounted rate.

UK assurance seals

In the UK your choice for assurance seals is limited. The top 4 being:-

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