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Internet Marketing Strategy!
With the right internet marketing strategy designed specifically for your site, your traffic will grow now, and in the future.

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Once you have created your website and are ready to market you should ensure that you comply to the W3C standards. The W3C was set up to ensure that the internet is developed to its full potential and that common protocols are used. If you validate your HTML and CSS you'll also get some smart looking graphics to display on your site that'll also add to your credibility. Such graphics can be seen at the bottom of all our pages.

W3C Markup Validator validates your HTML files. It works on online and uploaded files. Simply put your URL and local file location into the space provides and the site will check for any errors.

Checklink checks all the anchors and links on your pages. It is useful for spotting broken links.

CSS Validator checks all CSS style sheets or documents containing CSS style sheets.

P3P Validator is a validator for your P3P compact privacy policy (the machine readable version of your privacy policy.)

Semantic Data Extractor extracts some of the data from a HTML semantic rich document. The purpose is to show that using a semantically correct HTML code allows better use of CSS.

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