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With the right internet marketing strategy designed specifically for your site, your traffic will grow now, and in the future.

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Submission Services

Let us do some of the hard work for you.

Web Directory submissions

We will manually submit your site to the top web directories. Each listing is submitted by human hand, we do not use any robots or automated software. That's why on average over 90% of our submissions get listed. You'll be given a detailed spreadsheet report on which directories we were able to submit your site to. We offer 3 packages.

Free Web Directories
190+ directories that do not require any payment or reciprocal link back. Providing you with in bound only links. The best place to start in your link building campaign. Cheap and very cost effective.
Reciprocal Web Directories
35+ directories that require a reciprocal link back. These directories often have higher PR than the free directories. Reciprocal links aren't as valuable as in bound only links, but they still count greatly toward PR and site rankings.
Paid Web Directories
70+ directories that you need to pay to be listed in. Payment is usually in the form of a one off review charge or an annual subscription. We review each directory based on the categories your site would be submitted to and give you a report on which directories it would be worth paying to be listed in. Not all paid directories are worth the money. The relevant directories vary depending on the content of your site. You can then choose to either pay us to submit you to the pay for placement directories, or make the submissions yourself.

We can also offer a 2 month follow up service to check that your site actually got listed. If for whatever reason your site isn't listed with this follow up service we'd list it for you.

Free Web Directories submission package $599.95
Reciprocal Web Directories submission package $349.95
Paid Web Directories review package $299.95
Web Directories pay for placement follow up $25.95 per directory
Web Directories 2+month follow up


  Reciprocal $199.95
  Paid $149.95

See how our submission service compares to the others. Be careful and avoid sites that offer automated submissions to thousands of web directories. There simply aren't that many directories on the net, automated submissions are done by computer robots which are using blocked by the sites they target. Worst still an automated submission may end up getting your site black listed. Our submissions services are all done by hand, ensuring that your site is safe, and greatly increasing your chance of being listed.

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Affiliate Directory Submission

We will manually submit your site to over 70 affiliate directories cover the US and International. You will receive a spreadsheet report for each directory where making the submission was successful. Unfortunately submission does not guarantee placement, and is at the directories discretion.

Affiliate Directory submission $399.95

Order any package from our secure order form

Affiliate Forum Promotion

We will manually promote your affiliate program to all the affiliate forums we know of. This is currently 26 US and international forums and 5 UK affiliate forums. We make a post in each forums with details of your affiliate program, we then follow up with a reply 2 weeks and 4 weeks later answering any questions and bringing your forum post back to the top. This gives your affiliate program good exposure in the forum for a whole month.

Affiliate Forum submission $249.95
UK Affiliate Forum submission $49.95

Order any package from our secure order form

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