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RSS Feed

Every so often, you may wish to release some new information about your site, topics that relate to your site, or other general comments about your website. An RSS feed enables this news bulletin to be automatically available from an xml file to anyone with a link to your RSS feed. This increases your exposure across the internet, and keeps people informed about the latest developments or products that your site has to offer. Setting up an RSS feed is now a lot more straight forward than it was. There are several packages available to get you started.

Step 1. Setting up your RSS feed

You can get free RSS software from They have a nice simple script that is easy to setup without being too complicated. They also have a good RSS tutorial with information on it's workings and where to download RSS readers and alike. Another product is WordPress it has more functionality, but is a much more complicated product to setup. Once your feed is setup you can validate that it is ok.

Step 2. Making your feed available to visitors

Add your feed to your HTML page as a link tag in your head area. So between <head> and </head> at the top of your page add:-
<link href="" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Internet Marketing news feed as RSS 1" />
<link href="" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Internet Marketing news feed as RSS 2" />
This will let browsers and search engines know where to find your RSS feed(s).
Add RSS buttons to your page so that visitors can see and choose your feed. Popular graphics for this are:-
RSS feed 2 RSS feed 2 RSS feed 2 RSS feed 1 RSS feed 2 RSS feed 2 RSS feed 2
Link these buttons direct to your RSS XML feed.
Add a button for MyYahoo so that Yahoo uses can add your directly to their home page.
Add to My Yahoo! Add to My Yahoo!

Step 3. Getting your feed noticed

There are directories and search engines devoted to RSS feeds. Get yourself listed in these and you should get subscribers joining up from all corners of the net. Most importantly get yourself listed in the new Yahoo RSS directory. We found a yahoo guide that is quite helpful. There is also a good list of RSS and Blog directories.

Step 4. Getting the most from your feed

The most popular RSS feeds are blogs. They don't just report news for the site, they have articles and general information to keep the subscriber interested. Very similar to an e-zine or newsletter. To keep your RSS subscribers and get the most traffic from your feed, weekly updates with articles on your sites topic are essential. Articles don't have to be long, in fact we recommend you keep them quite short, but they should be informative.

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